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Tax consulting

We provide tax advisory services with respect to key tax issues related to client’s operations. SAN Partners experts have an extensive professional experience as well as expertise in all business sectors.

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Tax audit

SAN Partners offers audit of tax obligations in order to verify the correctness of tax settlements. We review tax calculations, tax declarations submitted to tax authorities, accounting records and supporting documents in terms of compliance with the tax legislation and identification of hidden tax obligations.

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Tax litigation

We support the client in the settlement of tax disputes. We analyze tax audit acts and prepare the proper documentation, complaint, appeal for submission to the upper tax authorities and judicial instances.

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Tax support

SAN Partners offers support during the audit conducted by tax authorities. We prepare our clients for tax audit by reviewing supporting documents and calculations of tax obligations performed by tax authorities. We analyze and defend the position of the client in order to eliminate the risk of possible fines and penalties imposed by tax authorities.

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Tax due dilligence

We offer tax due diligence to assess the actual tax position of the company which is intended to be acquired by the investor. SAN Partners experts identify potential tax risks that may reduce the purchase price of the company and opportunities which the investor can benefit from post-acquisition.

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Transfer pricing audit

SAN Partners offers comprehensive transfer pricing review of transactions concluded between related parties. We review cross-border transactions by reviewing the calculations, margin as well as documentations. Our experts review the transactions to eliminate tax risks and possible assessment of additional income by tax authorities.

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Trasnfer pricing policy

SAN Partners experts prepare transfer pricing policy that allow taxpayers to achieve consistency and transparency of terms and conditions under which transactions between related parties are concluded and consequently reduce the tax risk associated with a possible tax audit.

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Transfer pricing benchmarking

We offer the preparation of benchmarking study aimed at verifying prices and margins set in controlled transactions by benchmarking the arrangements in such transactions against comparable transactions concluded by independent entities.

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Financial review

SAN Partners experts offer general review (audit) of financial statements. Our approach is based on international experience and in-depth knowledge of IFRS and GAAP standards. Our clients include large private companies as well as small and medium enterprises.

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Financial advisory

SAN Partners offers financial advisory services which include the refinancing and restructuring, financial modeling, evaluation of investment projects and strategic consulting.

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Financial due diligence

We perform the financial analysis of business by assessing the key financial issues, investigate the business profits and cash flows, identifying the financial risks and potential deal breakers of the transactions. We conduct our projects in close cooperation with our clients and the investor’s other advisers, which enables us to achieve complete understanding of investors’ expectations and provide high-quality deliverables.

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Corporate / Commercial law

SAN Partners legal experts advises public and private companies on all aspects of corporate life. Our corporate law team provides broad range of services such as registration, privatization, advices to shareholders and management, restructuring and liquidation. Moreover, as part of commercial law services we draft and give a legal opinion on contracts.

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Our professionals are experienced in all stages of the dispute continuum – from protecting against disputes through pre-transaction analysis and documentation through to resolution of disputes. SAN Partners experts take control of the dispute resolution process to get effective results by protecting against, preparing for, and resolving disputes with state authorities and enterprises.

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With our deep understanding of regulatory requirements, regulator’s expectations and the end-to-end licensing process, we assist clients in obtaining licenses as well as supplements to licenses.

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Labour law

Our labor law team is a dedicated division within Legal Services, offering practical legal advice on areas of employment and immigration law. We provide advice in following areas: employment contracts, unfair dismissals, work permits and visa requirements, employee benefit and protective leave.

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Bookkeeping services

SAN Partners experts in accounting advisory services will keep accounting records, assist you in implementing an appropriate accounting system and provide you with accurate information and timely reports required for management decisions. We render bookkeeping services for large businesses and small and medium enterprises.

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Recovery of accounting

Our accounting advisory team have an extensive experience and expertise in IFRS as well as GAAP. We offer recovery of accounting system and migration of accounting as part of accounting services.

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Legal due diligence of drilling and blasting company (Republic of Kazakhstan)

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    Due diligence

  • Region

    Republic of Kazakhstan

The Objective

Chinese company decided to purchase a local drilling and blasting company. Prior the purchase the acquirer wanted to review all the documents pertaining to a target company. We were asked to perform legal due diligence of the target to understand if there will be any future legal problems due to this acquisition.

The Approach

By performing a legal due diligence investigation, we were checking the current status of the business.This included the review of the following:

  • Organizational documents (Certificate of incorporation, Company by-laws, Limited liability agreement, Stockholder agreement etc.);
  • Ownership documents;
  • Contracts (Customer contracts, Supply contracts, Operating contracts, Licenses etc.);
  • Merger and Acquisition Agreements
  • Finance documents (Loan agreements, Hedging agreements, Guarantees, Promissory notes etc.);
  • Litigation (Tax-related cases and etc.).
The Result

Our lawyers presented the summary which pointed out the results of discoveries. We have provided the analysis with an opinion as to the validity of the purchase. As a result investor was able to decrease the acquisition price by 200,000 USD.